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  • Yarn Hanking - King Win Nylon Polyester Yarn Production Process Yarn Hanking - King Win Nylon Polyester Yarn Production Process
    This is the hanki Deep processed products:1. Double-wrapped or single-wrapped spandex with different D numbers.2. Covering various types of processing yarns such as polyester yarns, nylon yarns, high elastic yarns with various D numbers, strands, and twists. The specifications can be 500-2600D twisted.     Widely used in trademarks, webbing, shoe materials, fabrics, socks, gloves, etc., with a wide range of applications.ng process of nylon polyester yarn, and the videos are taken in the King Win workshop. All our yarn products have gained the Oeko-tex and GRS certificate. We have 14-year of experience in the textile industry and international trading.
  • What is the real "waterless dyeing"? What is the real "waterless dyeing"?
    Guide:Anhydrous dyeing refers to a dyeing method that does not use water as a carrier. Anhydrous and less water are two different concepts.The true water-free dyeing technology now has two kinds of supercritical fluid water-free dyeing and solvent dyeing.
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