Core-spun yarn, also known as composite or coated yarn, is a new type of yarn composed of two or more kinds of fibers. The original core-spun yarns were staple fiber and staple fiber core-spun yarns developed with cotton fiber as skin and polyester staple fiber as core.

Core-spun yarn is usually made of synthetic filament yarn with good strength and elasticity, and spun with cotton, wool, viscose and other short fibers.

Core-spun yarn has excellent properties of both filament core yarn and short fiber. The more common core-spun yarns are polyester/cotton core-spun yarns, which take polyester filament as core yarn and outsource cotton fiber. There is also spandex core yarn, which is based on spandex filament yarn as the core yarn, outsourcing other fibers made of yarn. Knitted fabric or jeans material made from this core-spun yarn can stretch and fit comfortably when worn.

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